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Heritage Baptist Church 


October 2018

Dear Parents:

What a wonderful start to the new school year. The children are settling in, developing a relationship with their teachers, making friends and learning their routines. It is such a great delight to walk down the hallways and see all the busy, smiling children and hear their laughter.


Already walking up and down the halls, it seems as if school has been in session for months. The children, with only a few occasional tears at the beginning of the day are all happily involved in the classroom activities.

Just as the children have quickly adjusted to the school routine, so too the new parents have mastered drop off and pick up routines. Do remember however, that questions on any of our policies are welcome. We want you to feel “at home” here!


We appreciate the support and confidence that you have given us. We will continue to work with you to provide the best educational experience for your child.


Blessings to you all,


Jeannie and Jenn